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About us

Bruno & Dino's House started because of the need we have seen and heard about in our community for a facility that was really all about the dogs. A place that is focused on providing dogs an environment to learn, grow, and truly be happy dogs.


After much thought we decided to create Bruno & Dino's House, which is an indoor dog park, doggy daycare and dog training center. 


Why an indoor park? The answer is simple... There are a few outdoor parks around but it is often too cold, too muddy or too hot to spend the day there with your dog. An indoor park allows you to get your dog out and socialized without weather being an issue.

Why doggy daycare? Another simple answer... We wanted dogs to have the opportunity to socialize and feel like they were at home, even when their owners were busy. We wanted to provide a place where dogs could run to their hearts content, play with their friends, learn new activities and not be confined in a small box or go potty inside. (Our pups are taken on regular walks outside to use the bathroom.)

Our goal is to provide a homelike experience at our facility, which is approximately 12,000 square feet. This is a lot of space to run and play with your furry friends while feeling like you are at home. Play time can be at day care or the indoor park, it is your choice.

Not only do we have day care and an indoor park but we also have special events and can host birthday parties for your dog. 

The fun at Bruno & Dino's House is Limitless!
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