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Don't bite the hand That Feeds You

Training is the best way to have a happy, healthy relationship with your pup. Training helps build communication between owner and dog which can help your dog navigate through life better. Prevent frustration and behavioral problems by signing up for training today.

*Training done by experienced dog handler who understands dog behavior and individual dog's needs. Do not settle for less, nor waste your precious time and money elsewhere, see us today!

Dog Learned Behavior

learning sit.jpg

Basic Training

Skills Taught

Responding to name accurately

Learning to sit on command

Learning to lay down on command

Walking on a leash

dogs on down.jpg

Intermediate Training

Skills Taught

Responding to name upon call

Simple commands (Here, down, sit)

Release any object on command

Walking on leash properly

Beginning stages of off leash walking

Dog Pack walks (helps enhance socialization to reduce anxiety which can help build confidence)

car manners.jpg

Advanced Training

Skills Taught

Perfect basic and intermediate skills

Proper leash walking

Total off leash walking

Rapid recall

Rapid problem solving skills

Car manners

Enhanced awareness on walks or around home

*if needed* correcting aggression using dog learned behavior method and other methods

Boot Camp - Daycare and Training in one. Save money and time by signing up for boot camp. Your dog will learn how to interact with new dogs and humans on a regular basis as well as get trained. Being at daycare throughout the week also provides your dog a way to burn energy and consistent reinforcement of skills learned during training. 
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