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With plenty of play spaces, rest areas and the freedom to romp and play, your four-legged friend will be starring at the leash to come to Bruno & Dino's House when you go to work or run errands. 

Why Daycare at Bruno & Dino's House?
  • Dogs learn how to socialize and play in a pack

  • Provides socialization with both dogs and humans

  • Provides the necessary exercise required for a dog

  • Helps relieve boredom and loneliness

  • Helps to prevent destructive behavior when a dog is home alone and unsupervised

  • Establishes a routine, dogs thrive on routine

  • Potty breaks- pups are given the opportunity all day to relieve themselves outside, just like they would at home



  • Large and small dog sections​

  • Places to nap

  • Bathroom breaks outside 

  • Staff to interact with dogs

  • Toys and friends to play with

  • Doggy maze to increase problem solving skills

  • Dog agility equipment to provide exercise and mental stimulation

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